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The Horrors Interview – 12/10/17

Last Thursday LSRadio chatted to Josh, guitarist for The Horrors, about UK Tours, music videos, and more. After a rocky start of timing issues and being left on hold, the interview was soon full steam ahead, but not before Josh was quickly captivated and distracted by my location (just outside of the Guild of Students) due to the church bells and seagulls- and I can assure you that despite the sunny weather, it sounded prettier than it looked.

Having just released their 5th studio album, V, Josh commented on how the action of releasing music out into the world always feels weird because of the sudden loss of intimacy, as this record no longer feels as if it belongs solely to you. Another strange thing was how its already been ten years since their first album has been released. Josh confessed that he has no perception of time, and that despite it still feeling like yesterday he can’t really remember it. Speaking on the way the band’s success, he told me how they just kept getting booked for 3 shows off of the back of previous shows they’d done- something that didn’t stop since.

On the subject of tour, Josh said he is excited due to the rawness within this new album, and that it translates to being played live really well. He also commented that after this upcoming UK Tour, and also the European one that follows it, that after their Christmas break they may head back into the studio to do some more recording.

Along with the standard interview questions, Josh also told me that he wishes to go to Australia and China (weather this is for tour purposes who knows), and that he found recording their latest music video slightly embarrassing to record due to the position he was put in.

This interview was definitely the most laid back that I have experienced in a while, with Josh at times turning the tables to ask what I thought. Listen to the full interview below where you can hear what Josh is currently listening to, back stories on band names, and what Josh would be if he was an animal!

The Horrors are playing at the o2 Academy Liverpool tonight (22/10/17) it is one not to be missed, so head down!

Listen to the interview here:


Check out the music video for The Horrors latest single, Something to Remember Me By:


Jess Fleming

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