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Joel Baker Coffee House Session Interview – 24/10/17

I thouroughly enjoyed speaking to Nottingham’s own Joel Baker this week after his stand out performance at last week’s Coffee House Sessions. Joel immediately came across as lovely and down to earth. He was so nice to speak to which made it a lot easier for the conversation to flow. We spoke about his enjoyment of the Coffee House Sessions tour (his performance was amazing, by the way). He explicitly stated how he loved the chilled vibes of The Courtyard.

The conversation then shifted to the topic of Joel’s single ‘Bag of Dreams’ which has received over 518 thousand listeners on Spotify, we then spoke about how it feels to finally notice success and he said as a musician “that’s is all you want”. He also said that he works on new music every day, so hopefully we get more stuff in the near future. The conversation then shifted to a talk of politics and how Joel held a job in parliament. We giggled and joked about how Liverpool is highly influenced by the labour party, as Joel said he knew exactly where he was once he got here due to the ‘don’t buy the sun posters’.

When asked about his main influences Joel said he listened to a lot of Bob Dylan as he enjoys ‘story telling music’. He also said he is highly influenced by rap music. Which, led into our conversation about the evolution of grime music over the last year. Joel spoke about his ideal collaborations; he even had a mini fangirl moment. He would love to collaborate with Chance The Rapper, “I love him so much” is the phrase he chose to use. He spoke about how inspirational he finds Chance the Rapper and that he “loves how he is with his daughter” which I personally found very sweet.

I asked Joel what type of music he listens to in his own time. He said being in the studio daily makes him listen to completely opposite music to that which he makes. He said he listens to a lot “angry but cool” music such as Spooky Black and also more mainstream stuff like Ed Sheeran. Joel spoke about how he played a theatre show in Nottingham which he was ‘so scared’ about; being his hometown. Joel said he manages his nerves by turning them into excitement, (having a few shots was my suggestion). Finally we spoke about his future plans. Joel is looking forward to his BBC introducing show in November, as well as the release of his follow up Dreamers EP. He was an absolute pleasure to speak to and hopefully we see him back in Liverpool very soon.

Listen to the full interview here.

The Coffee House Sessions are every Tuesday at 2pm in The Courtyard at the Guild.

Mia Jockins

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