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Tiggi Hawke – Coffee House Session 14/11/17

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the hottest artist within the electronic/synth world, Tiggi Hawke after her stand out performance in the guild as a part of the Coffee House Sessions Tour.

Tiggi was a cool and down to earth person and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her; we began the interview speaking about her performance which was more stripped back than her usual gigs, she told me that “it was nice to do something entirely different” and she enjoyed the acoustic aspects of it.

Our conversation shifted to how Tiggi realised she wanted to do music and when she started out; I found it quite fascinating when she told me she started writing when she was just 15 years old. She then explained how it just went up and up from there as she feels she was born to do music. Tiggi said she was raised around different genres of music including Rock and American classics, it’s this that influences her music today as she feels the genre of electronic/synth is so broad she manages to mix her music up.

We then began to speak about Tiggi’s latest single ‘Dangerous Behaviour’, a collaboration with Dutch DJ and music producer Mike Mago. She described her single as a “pre night out” hit after I told her I had added it to my getting ready playlist. Tiggi said that the single was inspired by a very positive experience she had, and that people can interpret the song in any way they want to as she believes the lyrics are empowering. Essentially the song is about stepping out of your comfort zone; I find this idea really cool.

She described Mike Mago as a “lovely guy” and explained how she loved his take on the song and also how she got a free trip to Amsterdam to link up with the DJ. Finally we spoke about what the future holds for Tiggi as an artist – she told me that she is spending the rest of the year writing and gigging, and that she’s got some bigger gigs lined up in London. We spoke about how great she would fit in at a festival and how much she would love to be involved with one, I know for sure that I am really excited to hear more from Tiggi Hawke and her music.


The Coffee House Sessions take place every Tuesday at 2pm in The Courtyard, don’t miss it! You can listen to the full interview below. 

Mia Jockins

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