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The Husky Loops – 26/10/2018


The Husky Loops are an alternative indie rock band consisting of vocalist and guitarist Danio Forni Jr, drummer Pietro Garrone and bass player Tommaso Medica (who unfortunately couldn’t be with us in the interview.) I met them in EBGB’s last Wednesday for a chat.


I was sat with Danio and Pietro in a dimly lit room that Pietro kindly lit up with candles in the basement of Heebie Jeebies before their gig. I firstly asked them about their Italian routes, as all three of them grew up in the Bologna region before moving to London. Danio commented on how he moved to London to pursue his singing/ song writing career. Pietro moved originally to study graphic design, playing drums on the side, when he met Danio and Tommaso and the band formed.


We then discussed the autumn tour that is now coming to an end. They enjoyed all of it thoroughly stating that they feel at home when performing here. They even commented on Liverpool being their favourite city; “Liverpool is my favourite and I’m not scared to say it, Liverpool is great!”


‘Every Time I Run’is a new song released by the Husky Loops which features on FIFA’19and recently on Made In Chelsea. Danio explained that he wrote the song years ago and never really liked it, when on the other hand Tommaso loved it as did their manager. So, after a bit of rearranging Danio finally found an arrangement that he enjoyed.


After listening to the Husky Loops tracks I noticed that each song was very different and personally I struggled to define a genre that fitted with them. I asked them what they thought, and they replied saying that they don’t think in genres and don’t try to mix genres together or replicate them. “A bit like when you’re cooking it comes out as an experiment…we just try to be ourselves and sometimes it comes out different to some of our other songs”.  This idea suits them because as they correctly stated no one listens to one ‘type’ of music anymore and their music really reflects that.


Out of curiosity I asked the two band members who their favourite artists were at the moment, and they immediately listed many singers;Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé,Coalition,Solange, Kanye West, and MEI (who currently feature in Every Time I Run), just to name a few.


To round off our conversation I asked what the future holds for the Husky Loops, to which they responded that they would love to play for really big crowds as they believe that is how their music is meant to performed




Anna Howarth

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