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LSRadio meets Bondax

We’ve found out that, despite being extremely talented, Bondax, Adam Kaye and George Townsend to their mothers, are just your average cheeky, polite, teenage guys from a small town outside of Lancaster. The fresh, forward thinking music duo have put their unique stamp on the UK underground music scene, creating almost a genre of their own through ‘dreamy’, romanticised and airy sounds mixed in with soulful house and garage beats. Here’s what the two lads had to say about their music:


 So how long have you been making music together?

 George: About 2 and half years together. I started it on my own just making sort of dubsteppy music, which at the time didn’t sound so silly because it isn’t the massive thing that it is now. This was when I was about 15 and it’s developed into what is now…

 What would you say your sound is now then?

 Adam: electronic music, erm, I don’t know R’n’B, Garagey, Housey, vibesy, dreamy… All of them pretty much.

 So who does what in terms of the music?

 Adam: George does way more than me.

George: I produce a lot of the music and Adam writes a lot of the music, Adam’s a far better musician than I am and I’m a better producer.

 Adam: When it comes to making the music we’ll sit together I’ll write something and George will have a sample and we go from there.

 I’ve seen from Twitter you guys like your late night food fuelled sessions, what do you like to eat to help fuel you?

 Adam: We love Busaba, It’s one of our favourite restaurants in London.

 What’s that?

 Adam: It’s like Thai, I like the duck and calamari, the calamari is ridiculous, (Adam takes to an American accent) it goes down when you eat the calamari! It’s so good.


 You guys have been pretty much everywhere, city to city. How do you find travelling on the road?

 Adam: It’s great but sometimes it feels like a task. We still love it but it’s so tiring that when we get back we can’t make music, we just want to sleep. We sleep for a day then we’re up and have got to go somewhere else for like a week and it’s like bleamin’ hec!

So basically it’s a hard life being Bondax?

 Adam: No we’re very grateful; we know that we’re very lucky boys!

 George: I’ll just sit here. (Mutters).

 George is the quiet one of the two.

 George: No I want to, erm, I’ll chat if I get a chance! No continue, it is a lot of work. Your sleeping patterns are all over the shop. Like, I want to live a normal life when I go home but because of DJ-ing I go to bed at like 5 in the morning.

 So when you go home do you literally just crash and your parents wonder what’s happened to their boys?

 George:  Haha, yes.

 Adam: Haha yes basically.


 As well as your own work you do sick remixes, I particularly like the one with Aluna George, ‘You Know You Like It’, if there was a song you’d want to remix right now what would it be?

 George: Probably a Lianne La Havas track because we just think she is amazing and we really love her, although I’d have to say I wouldn’t really know what to do at first. I think her tracks are almost perfect already.

 Yeah you don’t want to try in case you ruin something that is already good.

George: Yeah exactly but then again it’s more of a challenge, it’s easy to take  a rubbish track and try and make it good because whatever you do is probably going to make it sound better already. It’s much harder, much scarier and more skilful to remix a track that’s already really sick.

Your music is pretty chilled, so on stage do you change this for more upbeat sounds?

Adam: Yeah when we DJ we play a lot of upbeat stuff. We have a party!

George: We are planning to do a live set that is a lot more chilled but we have to accept the fact that when we DJ, people are there to party so you’ve got to play to that a little bit without straying away from your own sound too much. We try and do that.

You played Bestival last year, how was that? Did you guys dress up?

Adam: It was amazing, no we didn’t actually haha.

Why not?

Adam: We had enough kit because we were DJ-ing, so had our laptops and stuff with us…

Oh I see, excuses! You could have used face paint guys, come on!

Adam: Haha our mate got in an eight year old’s costume and walked around in it for a bit, he bought it from the shop and the guy shouted ‘my five year old has one of them!’ We were like ‘oh no, awkward.’

He put the effort in for you then, I’ll let you off, so what other festivals did you play?

Adam: We played quite a few. Erm biggest ones, Bestival probably was the biggest, then Radio One’s Big Weekend and Glade. We played quite a few small ones like Far Festival and Fieldview

George: They were the better ones probably, except for Bestival which was really good.

I didn’t go, I am so jealous.

George: Ha it was so good because we got on and there was a crowd that was sort of ready for our music which is amazing. But the weather was just like blue skies all over and you know our music’s quite happy; it was just the perfect music at the perfect time. We were lucky.

Adam: It was so sick.

Alright rub it in, so what are the plans for festivals this year?

George: We will probably do quite a lot hopefully, the plan is Glastonbury and as many big UK ones, then hopefully we want to do some European ones and even American ones.

After creating a storm in the UK, the pair are set to do the same whilst touring in Northern America this month. Having seen these boys DJ I would highly recommend taking the time to see Bondax ‘have a party’. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

 /Jyoti Pancholi

This article was uploaded by the LSRadio web team.

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