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Spotlight: Risky

Nowadays it seems most ambitious young producers end up taking their tentative first forays into the world of EDM by bending at the waist and determinedly taking it from Logic Pro as a single tear rolls down their cheek, all in the name of making better music. This noble sacrifice breeds a hard core of artists who, through great struggle, manage to make great music. Yet there are a select few who are removed from this romanticised technical bottom bashing. They confidently stride into the world of production, plonk themselves firmly on top of their beats and choke their tool into submission. I see Ollie Smithard, AKA Risky, as one of those few.

Producing for less than a year, this London born and bred risk taker has an ability to whip up from the ether exactly the vibes he wants. No mess, no fuss, no b/s. I set him on repeat and let dark blips invade my mind, now you let them eat up your ears till they drip red. With a growing cache on Soundcloud, his style is already well established; falling into the generic wasteland between the mirky rooms of house, grime and bass, I respect his tendency to lean on his own beats and find samples to follow. Big up Ollie Risky.

/Jon Ferguson 


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