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POLKA presents Flux Showcase// Kitchen St/ 9.11.13

Having grown out of the city of Leeds to put on nights all across the globe, Flux sets an example for POLKA. With the latter hosting the Liverpool edition of the Flux showcase, it could be said that POLKA are well on their way, earmarked as one of the hot young things on the underground scene. Yet to grow into their half built Kitchen St residency, the sky really could be the limit for POLKA if they consistently put on the sort of madcap party that went down Saturday night.

Consistency was a key word used to describe the night’s musical goings on, each artist playing up to each others strengths, the line up looked solid enough to begin with and even exceeded itself. Each artist set a benchmark for exactly how tight not just a DJ set, but an entire night could be. The genre for the evenings event was House, a corner of popular music under fire at the moment for lacking creativity and originality, sneered at as merely as recycled garbage from Chicago in the late 1970’s. Yet the rich sounds that flowed throughout the night could have turned the taste of any cynic, with just the right blend of musical diversity, whilst keeping a theme of groovy, funky House with a little Disco and not too much Techno thrown in for good measure. POLKA’s own opened and closed the night and, despite an apparent last minute drop out from the line up, the crowd lost out on nothing as the residents filled the air with sonic shapes to be thrown right back at them. Orfan brought stylishly happy wobbles and slow groovings to the first two hours of the night, while the last hour was closed off in style by Lloyd D, whose aggressive bass warmed up the crowd who were to be entranced by Disco deviations until the bouncers had to start persuading the happy hardcore of ravers out the door. The stars of the night were however, those of the Flux showcase.

 Jacques Adder minimixed on the fly to create a live feel to his set, at a point where the room was filled just to the right capacity, which created a really intimate feel which I know added to the appreciation of the artist. Some drawn out psychedelic guitar juxtaposed with minimal, bassy House was an especial highlight of the Jaques Adder set, exhibiting a playfulness and ability to cross into usually unfrequented sampling territories. The Voyeur duo brought a laid back, hypnotic snare to build up the tension within the room, while the warm pulsating lights glowed to their own rhythm. Then almost suddenly, but at no point in particular, the beat shifted into the sort of deep groove that shuns the progressive, and lays the listener back into a sort of musical trance, to restore rather than exhaust.
A musical education for some and a reassurance for all that there is more than hope for the House scene, in fact, we’ve only just seen the beginning.

/Jon Ferguson

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