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Space Dimension Controller// Kitchen Street pop up/ 22.3.14

Before getting down to the Kitchen Street Pop-up, I had wondered how Space Dimension Controlled got his name. My question was answered by about midnight, as it became apparent that a five hour takeover was the best way to experience what SDC had to offer.

The small space was flooded by pulsating red floating orbs whilst a small crowd sat silent at the rear of the room. The orbs were an effect created by dim lighting and an abundance of thick fog, and the crowd was soon to be on their feet. The slow start matched the pace of the thin crowd, but SDC had only just begun. Building an atmosphere from the ground up takes time, I told myself, peering across the still flooded room at the DJ booth, invisible yet not five meters away. We languished in our newfound camouflage, our shapes indistinguishable from the empty space around, SDC disconnected from his audience, though his sound engulfed us and saturated into our heads. Impossible to dance, impossible to engage, I frustratedly scribbled in my notepad, sipping a beer that had left my wallet bruised and battered.

At this point the expectations I had in my heart were huge, but a flicker of doubt kindled, only to be extinguished as the room cleared of smoke and filled with dancers.

And that’s when the night got awesome. Hip Hop, Soul and House music replaced the unseasonal fog, SDC effortlessly switching between the songs revolving round and round; obscure 80’s gems mix well with jiving bodies. Throughout the night SDC kept true to his deep roots in electronica, though intentionally doing away with the clinical categorisation that genre implements; The Beegees spun next to T2+Jodie. Soon the sound became something that demanded attention, the crowd could only smile and wave to their newfound friends; dancing and smiling became as permanent as marker pen.

Jack Hamill, behind the decks, becomes The Controller. Manipulating Space using only sound, he does not ask for your attention. SDC takes you to another level, another Dimension, steering his craft through time, shifting your perspective on what music fits when. Time dilated to such a degree that the 3am curfew simultaneously seemed far off, but not far enough; an effect that almost certainly factored into the extra half an hour we were blessed with.

A night of mixed sonic and aural pleasures, it was fitting that Space Dimension Controller used both MP3s and Vinyl to deliver himself to the crowd. My first experience of a night long takeover went better than I could have ever believed.

/Jon Ferguson

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