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Live shows return after the Christmas break


Sound City// Who’s Who

Liverpool Sound City is taking over Liverpool on 1st-3rd of May, bringing the most exciting break through artists to our doorstep! We feel it’s only right for LSRadio to give you a break down of the artists you should be getting to know.

Factory Floor


This London based trio have had their music described in many different ways, from ‘unsettling disco’ to ‘post industrial,’ but the best, and simplest, way to view their music is as Techno. With distorted drums and arpeggiated, repetitive synth lines providing an industrial bed over which Nic Colk layers haunting, barely-audible vocal lines. Their live shows are not to be missed, taking the songs from their album and then improvising around them, creating long, twisting pieces of music that are both familiar and not. A definite must see at The Kazamier, and the source of the most frustrating clash of the Sound City weekend on the Friday.

The Bug


Kevin Martin has been active for over a decade, producing music under various aliases and for various projects. One of the most successful of these ventures is The Bug. Drawing inspiration from dancehall, dub, reggae, grime and even the works of some dub techno acts such as Basic Channel, The Bug’s music paints an apocalyptic picture of post 2000’s Britain, with his use of samples and tonality mimicking the increasing sense of mistrust and paranoia that pervades inside the urban sprawl. Taking inspiration from his reggae influences his sets are more akin to those of the great selectors than a usual DJ set, with the focus being placed on dubplates and drawing for the perfect tune for an MC to ride over. Playing in the Black-E, The Bug is the second piece in the most annoying clash of the weekend, playing the Friday at the same time as Factory Floor. Best bring your running trabs to see both.

East India Youth


William Doyle, more commonly known as East India Youth is a young performer from Bournemouth. Cutting an impressive silhouette on stage behind his keyboard, this 22 year old multi-instrumentalist is definitely one to watch. With beautiful melodies and lush sounds slowly layering upon each other to create an entirely more dark and twisted end product it will be an almost hypnotic experience watching East India Youth perform at Nation on the Friday of Sound City.



This Sheffield post rock quartet will be one of the standout acts of Sound City. Their live shows have been frequently praised for their energy and the band themselves have often proclaimed their love for playing live music, once being upset at only having done 91 shows in a year. After a long break from releasing albums, focusing instead on working on interesting collaborations and soundtracking films, they recently released their fifth album Wild Light in late 2013. Expect to hear music from this and past albums when they play on the Saturday at the Black-E.

Ballet School


Originally from Berlin, the pop three-piece Ballet School consist of vocalist Rosie Blair, guitarist Michel Collet and drummer Louis McGuire. Since starting out in 2012 the group have gained a reputation for being “graceful, 21st century pop” with 80’s influences reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins, Altered Images or Madonna. With their new single ‘Heartbeat Overdrive’ released from Bella Union in August 2013, Ballet School will be playing at Liverpool Sound City before The Great Escape Festival in Brighton the following week, then on to other festival dates over the summer. Give them a listen and head over to the Garage at 9pm on the 1st of May for what promises to be a sumptuous retro pop experience.

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