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DJ Yoda @ EVAC – REVIEW, 09.10.14


A night at East Village Arts Club can entail being crammed into a room with a horde of sweaty students whilst tinnitus inducing savagery is inflicted upon your ears – an acquired taste some might say. This particular evening however, provided a refreshing change. Confined to just the loft – personally our favourite part of the venue – it seemed to radiate a bar like atmosphere with a much older, experienced crowd, compared to your usual “stomp to the beat” student brawl type clientele. Despite starting off with few attendees upon our arrival, within an hour or so the venue was at a comfortable but lively capacity ready for DJ Yoda.

Before we get to the main musical highlight, it is a must to note the warm up DJ’s: The Mixnots. “CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix” who rather unsurprisingly, can’t mix… but can definitely put on a show. These guys have great song selection, playing an audio mash up of old school hip-hop and funk. Their refusal to mix made for a relaxed vibe concerned only with good music and not about intense mixing sessions, something which you will often find at other events hosted around Liverpool. A great collective of song selectors and definitely a group to look out for when they play in Liverpool again!

As for DJ Yoda, the main attraction, he possesses a unique talent in our eyes. His ability to scratch up the audio on the fly, combined with the control he had over the backing visuals, made for a set that never seemed to get old. Mashing up everything from Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love and Heavy House Remix’s of the infamous Return of the Mac all the way through to Rappers Delight sung humorously by Brian Williams  – If you haven’t seen this it is a must:

The Audio-Visual set helped to add a different dimension to the performance, with backing videos being completely irrelevant and totally inappropriate yet undoubtedly comical and crowd pleasing. We found ourselves laughing as much as dancing, DJ Yoda himself would often stop to appreciate the visuals displayed behind him on stage. The blend of dance genres, fast-paced switch overs between songs and rolling videos catered for every person in the crowd. Despite minor pauses to laugh or appreciate the atmosphere, you’d find if you weren’t dancing then you were in the minority, as the whole club seemed to contribute to a wave of reactive movement, testament to the music on show.

To wrap up, DJ Yoda is definitely an artist worth seeing, providing his own unique form of genre hopping entertainment. The Arts Club is also worth attending on less busy nights, as well as those more populated ones engulfed by both adolescents and a miasma of sweat and ferocity.  If you’re looking for something a little less swamped in Liverpool, this is the place to be as the venue is excellent. These are the nights supporting the diversity of the Liverpool music scene. Be sure to check out Mr Scruff on the 25th October, a similar scratching phenomenon sure to get you on your feet.

WORDS: Joshua Aitman


George Aird
This post from our Music Team was uploaded by George Aird, LSRadio's Head of Music.


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