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Careless Sons @ Maguire’s Pizza Bar – REVIEW, 11.10.14

”What we were presented with was a stream of flowing pop-infused melodies, occasionally interrupted with fragments of rock, and inducing endless foot-tapping throughout”

We never thought we’d ever embark on a gig hunt that would end in a pizza bar. But yet, here we are.

After a bit of awkward shuffling about and staring at the menu, we were eventually presented with the first support act – Room for Rent. This Liverpudlian indie-rock quintet brought something very distinctive to the night with their deployment of three guitars and a lead vocalist with a unique quality to his voice. The rhythm section kept the band tight, but the low-ceiling in the venue, though intimate, left the bass, drums and vocals a little drowned out. You can catch these guys supporting Dexters at EVAC next month, which along with their catchy vibes and the bigger venue, we imagine will be a good night.

Next, Phoenix of Avalon – where do we begin? Engaging. Energetic. Explosive. While the instrumental was clean-cut and the crowd were encouraged to get involved, the vocals at the start of the set needed tightening, but came into their own as the performance progressed, leaving a sense of satisfaction.

We have to admit, London-based headliners Careless Sons surprised us. Throughout the gig a chilled atmosphere was instilled by the band’s frontman chatting amongst the crowd (not to mention the pizza/nacho/music combo) whilst still building an underlying sense of bubbling anticipation. Along with being in a venue of such a nature, this added a level of intimacy which overall made the gig much more enjoyable.

Although Careless Sons didn’t play as many songs as we had anticipated, what we were presented with was a stream of flowing pop-infused melodies, occasionally interrupted with fragments of rock, and inducing endless foot-tapping throughout. If we were to compare this four-piece to anyone, we’d say it was the vocal quality of Johnny Borrell of Razorlight mashed with the deeper, darker qualities of the Arctic Monkeys.

This tour was to promote their new EP, Carbon Dating, and the band gave us a taste of the music we can expect from this and in the future. One such track was recent single ‘’Wasted Avenue’’, which as a song showcases their growing sound and edgy song writing. These guys have already sold-out at Manchester and London venues on this tour, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this continues.

As a whole, we found the night an enjoyable amalgamation of indie-rock bands with the pizza and nachos topping off a great night of music.

Words: Laura Copestake and Cecily Sheppard

Cecily Sheppard and Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.


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