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The Persian Leaps: Drive Drive Delay EP

Persian Leaps

Coming to us from across the pond, Drive Drive Delay is the second EP from American band The Persian Leaps. Although when looking at an overview of the EP a few of the songs could be considered as ‘short’ in length, this fast paced, energetic five-track EP is nothing but exciting from start to finish and shows the talent this Minnesota-based indie-rock band have.

From the first song of the EP it’s clear that much influence is drawn from bands such as The Smiths, with the vocal and guitar melodies oozing with that 1980s vibe. But the band brings this 1980s feel into the present day and turns it into something current, with a unique tone to it. ‘Fire Starter’ is a catchy song and is the perfect intro. Centring on what the title suggests it gives the listener a taste of what is to come from the following tracks.

Pretty Boy’ continues with the strong guitar and drums and although the song dances around the same few lines the lyrics themselves can almost be seen to be quite personal, with the first line stating ‘You never bothered to see me for what I am’.

‘(Goodbye To) South Carolina’ greets us with up-tempo beats and a catchy rhythm. I’m sure there’s no doubt that when tracks such as this one are performed live there isn’t one still member in the audience. ‘Truth = Consequence’ is another upbeat, foot-tapping tune which again is almost a fusion of bands such as The Smiths and the post-punk era.

The final song on the EP, ‘Permission’, brings the whole Drive Drive Delay to an end rather beautifully. With a softer guitar tone to the previous tracks the song sounds almost reminiscent but still shows great clarity and musical talent. The group of five powerful tracks here clearly express the talent The Persian Leaps possess, and bodes well for the future of this talented group of musicians.


Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.

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