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Amique: Oh! The Ecstasy EP


This tantalising EP from local artist Amique won’t fail to win over the hearts of many jazz fans. But instead of leaving it there he has built on these undertones to create something more vibrant with electronic influences and an elegant voice to top it off.

The EP opens up beautifully with the track ‘Just Babies’. Smooth crisp vocals similar to those of artists such as Sam Smith hover effortlessly above a hypnotic piano melody. Unlike the rest of the tracks on the EP this one is stripped down to almost just a piano and voice but still possesses a jazz feel. With the song rotating around the lyrics ‘unaware of exactly why we are existing’ it begins to showcase the natural song writing ability Amique possesses.

Suddenly ‘Mercy Light Exposure’ breaks through the relaxing melodic vibe of the first track and gives a more energetic, upbeat contemporary feel. The exciting contrast of this song to the previous one is refreshing and shows how Amique is looking to experiment with many aspects of music. The moment that stands out for me in this song is the beautifully rhythmic guitar interval which helps to retain the jazz feel in the song.

Emancipator’ follows on similarly to ‘Mercy Light Exposure’ with the electronic R&B vibe but adds another element of what I can only describe as ‘funkiness’. Again, it showcases Amique’s silky voice above the catchy synth progression and brings about an all new edgy element to the track.

The final track on the EP, ‘Pancakes’, differs again from the track above. It has a more prominent guitar line than the others and shows a more jazz-fuelled backing with short brass intervals throughout. Once again the change in feel to this track compared to the others amazingly shows how talented and creative Amique is and how he isn’t afraid to experiment with his work.

Overall, this EP is largely flawless and the electronic feel along with the jazz undertones will dazzle you as Amique’s unique voice echoes above. It’s different to many of the things I normally listen to, but different in a nuanced, melodic way, and is beautifully crafted to show off the best that Amique has to offer.

Stream the EP in full here


Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.


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