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The Hazel Empire: Clouds

The Hazel Empire

Since being announced as a fifth of the quintet of artists shortlisted in The Independent’s national band competition, The Hazel Empire have been hitting ears hard across their home scene of Liverpool. Now comes their second single ‘Clouds’ and it’s certainly clear what the steadily growing fuss is about.

‘Clouds’ presents a unique form of folk/pop that is infused with world and Celtic vibes. Backed up by soul-touching lyrics, this new track from the trio with timeless sound encapsulates both the vulnerability of the solo voice and the power of choral harmonies, interwoven into an effect that is wonderfully enchanting.

Though the vocals take the forefront, ‘Clouds’ floats over an instrumental that is both calming and thought provoking, giving us a track that can be intently listened to or put on in the background to smooth the mood.

The Hazel Empire have two 45 minute sets coming up at Heebie Jeebies, 19th February.




Words: Cecily Sheppard

Cecily Sheppard

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