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Seprona: Only Pretend


Seprona are the perfect example of how vibrant and energetic music in Liverpool is. Anyone who is into the alternative music scene will love the intrinsic lyrics and melodic progression of their beautifully-crafted new release, ‘Lens Flares’.

Daniel Badger’s voice flows well within the simplistic but mesmerising guitar rhythm and overall give the song a cool, edgy vibe. It’s refreshing to hear a smooth distinctive bass line, most notably towards the end of the track, which drives the song along with the help from the drums.

Overall each instrument plays off of the others so well, showing how in sync and on point Seprona are. Ideal for anyone who just wants something new and fresh to listen to.

The band are playing an acoustic set at The Baltic Social, 19th February.





Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.

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