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Vaults // Sound City Interview


LSRadio’s Helen Rabbitt caught up with Vaults before they took to the Atlantic Stage at this year’s Sound City Festival.


Q: Vaults, I’m Helen from LSRadio, it’s lovely to meet you. Welcome to Sound City. Tell us a bit about yourself and your music, if you don’t mind.
A: Well we’re a trio from London, we basically do, what would you call it? Electronic pop, with lots of strings, piano and big vocals.

Q: Have you ever been to Liverpool before?
A: Yeah a few times, I’ve gigged here a couple of times.

Q: Do you remember the venues you gigged at?
A: I think the Barfly both times, it was fun.

Q: Do you enjoy Liverpool as a city?
A: Yeah it’s cool, actually what was the other place we played? There’s a really cool bar owned by quite a famous Liverpool guy, I’m struggling to remember his name, but he did a course at LIPA.

Q: So did your set go well just a moment ago?
A: Yeah it was quite a bonkers set, I felt like I was sort of, flailing around on stage. But when I looked at the audience, they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so that’s good. But it was quite cold!

Q: So, you played the same stage as Everything Everything. Have you got any new music on the way?
A: We’ve got a new EP that’s about to come out called Cry No More and that’s got a couple of other tracks on it, with a Sasha Remix which is wicked. So yeah, that should start coming out in the next week and a half.

Q: Are you working on an album as well?
A: Yeah, yeah. Continuous work!

Q: Have you enjoyed making it though?
A: Yeah, it’s great. Especially since Barney’s got a new dog… the studio hound.

Q: What sort of dog is it?
A: He could be anything!

Q: Is he going to feature on the album? Backing vocals?
A: We could definitely get him in there. He features on the Facebook, he gets more likes than the new tracks do. He’ll probably be on the next record, really low in the mix.

Q: Are you excited to get your music out there this summer, playing festivals?
A: Yeah definitely.

Q: Are there any that you’re particularly looking forward to playing?
A: I’m looking forward to tomorrow, Bristol. Bristol’s my hometown, but we’ve got loads in Europe as well. We’re doing a festival in Hamburg which looks really good. Probably not a million miles away from this actually, because it’s built into the Hamburg docks, so it’ll probably be fairly similar. We’re doing Lowlands in Holland which should be really cool. So, yeah we’ve got some good ones coming up.

Q: You’re playing Reading and Leeds as well at the end of this summer. Are you looking forward to that?
A: Yeah well I’ve never been to Reading, it’s a first time for all of us. I heard it was quite rock… I think I’m slightly afraid, but it should be fun.

Q: Your recent song featured on the 50 Shades soundtrack, how do you feel about that?
A: How do I feel about that? Ooh it smarts! No, I feel quite good about it to be fair. I mean, it’s got our music out to a lot of people and regardless of what you think of the film, it was a big deal for us.

Q: Well it’s been lovely speaking to you, thank you very much for the interview.
A: Thanks a lot!

Helen Rabbitt

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