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Lucy Rose @ Liverpool O2 Academy, 07.11.15
Image Credit: Megan Green

Image Credit: Megan Green

The night started waiting by the box office, and with a rather frosty nip in the air, I was excited to enter the venue and share the warmth with a crowd of fellow Lucy Rose fans. As I waited following a guest list mix up, I heard a deep, man’s voice behind me say ‘Lucy Rose’, with the calm and collected response from the box in front ‘okay’. By fluke I twisted my head around just for a brief moment, not knowing what to expect. A smiley, rather short female briefly walked past me, my eyes widened, my legs turned to jelly and my mouth dropped, not a very attractive combination. However how is one meant to react when Lucy Rose herself is rushed off backstage behind you?

With the ticket confusion resolved, I finally made it into the dimly lit room. There were already a congregation of eager fans at the bars of the stage, despite there still being over an hour until their idol was to make her appearance. The remainders were at the other type of bar- generously lubricating their vocal cords with alcohol in preparation for shouting lyrics back to Lucy- numbed to the anxieties regarding their singing ability… I was one of these people.

Drinks in hand, we walked over to the heart of the crowd, and my inner fan-girl started to become glaringly more obvious. We were greeted with two fantastic support acts. Firstly Mercury award nominated C Duncan, who pumped a chilled and hypnotic atmosphere into the eagerly awaiting crowd. Flyte, an archetypal indie band, eager to unveil their image and sound to a buzzing new audience shortly followed the first act. The set list demonstrated their individuality and diverse use of differing tempo and tonality, from an 80s-pop sound in ‘Light Me Up’ to an example of perfect harmonies embedded in ‘Please Eloise’.

Their individual sound was very refreshing and you couldn’t help but bop along to the beats being produced (or in the case of my boyfriend fling all limbs, in all directions with an accompanied head nod to illustrate his appreciation of their songs). After just over half an hour, it was time for the passionate band to bid their farewells as we drew ever closer to Lucy Rose taking to the stage. Both acts with their combination of laidback vibes, and intercut eccentric bursts did their job in warming up the inhabitants of the room, and now it was time for the woman we’d all been waiting for…

The temporary music filtering the room turns from the O2’s generic rock-mix, to a much more humble Neil Halstead song, which echoes Lucy Roses’ much softer, passionate sound. Soon after this transition, the wonderful lady herself enters onto the stage, greeted with roars of excitement. She politely greets the audience with a rather timid wave before picking up her guitar and becoming one with her sound. The pastel pink lighting on the stage echoes her femininity and perfectly represents her mark in the typical male dominated indie-genre.

Her vocals are as expected: exquisite. You can’t help but become entranced, and connect with the poetic lines that escaped her mouth. Transported from emotion to emotion, the crowd responded embracing every word and accompanied melody that leaked into the small space. Her single, released earlier this year ‘Like and Arrow’ was a standout highlight from the gig, as Flyte joined her to combine hearty harmonies with lovely lyrics. This simple, laid back, yet perfectly executed sound, was channeled through to the following songs in her set list, forming an attachment with each member of the audience.

A personal favourite, I could not help but (badly) sing along to, was of course ‘Middle of the Bed’. There was something rather perfect about hearing a room engage in such a way that when all the instruments had stopped, and it was purely Lucy’s and our voices connected, it intensified the intimate occasion. The song just kept giving with clapping adding to the acoustic vibe, along with accompanied body sways.

Lucy Rose gave an incredible performance, throwing her heart into each and every aspect of the gig. She was honest and heartfelt, and even apologised when two members of the crowd had to leave to catch a train. She demonstrated at every moment possible, her genuine and compassionate character through anecdote and lyrics. That is perhaps what enabled the audience to remain connected with her throughout, her down-to-earth nature; which left the crowd humbled, and excited for Lucy Roses’ bright musical career to grow and flourish even further. So all in all, a night filled with serene sways and gentle escalating beats, that left all those in attendance, proud, as we can reminisce such a wonderful, and unique gig, showcasing true talent from an English Rose.

Words: Megan Green

This article was uploaded by the LSRadio web team.

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