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Live shows return after the Christmas break


You Me At Six @ LGOS (19/10/16)
Photo Credit: On the Scene Magazine

Photo Credit: On the Scene Magazine

Fourteen year old Helen Rabbitt was back for one night only and that was the night she relived the angsty teenage years without sporting the overly long side fringe and the Avril Lavigne style arm accessories. Five years ago I almost lost my fingers to frostbite waiting 10+ hours in the pouring January rain in a queue to see these fellas live and oh how it was worth every moment, that feeling of euphoria was felt once again this evening. However turning up at a reasonable hour this time around and being sure to sink back some legal consumption of beverages. You Me At Six are back with a vengeance and their army of followers only gets bigger and bigger. Exquisitely excellent rock came in cavalier form on Wednesday night and Mountford Hall were ready for every single moment of it.

Straight into the good stuff, the classics from third studio album, Sinners Never Sleep were thrown out into the crowd and they bounced back with mosh pits that almost tore the floorboards apart. The personal impersonation of BMTH’s Oli Sykes came to life as Franceschi huskily performed the ferocious Bite My Tongue and the teenage lust for all five members swarmed back into action (particularly a shirtless drummer, that never gets boring).

The fear that this gig could be a showcase of all future anthems and not knowing a single word soon flew out the window as the set just heightened in nostalgia with Safer to Hate Her and Stay With Me from Hold Me Down throwing the crowd into an absolute burst of excitement and the band making this set seem like a walk in the park whilst instrumentals maintained a freshness and vocals harmonious compared to the raw debut of the Take Off Your Colour years.

Photo Credit: You Me At Six Official Twitter (@youmeatsix)

Photo Credit: You Me At Six Official Twitter (@youmeatsix)

As the Surrey five piece prepare for their fifth studio album release in January it was only right that fans had a cheeky teaser as to what to expect from the original sound of Night People. Most recent single, Plus One only being released less than a month ago already had the crowd echoing every single verse and even perfectly executing the instrumental bridge. Good signs all point to 2017 being the year You Me At Six returning and claiming their iron throne.

The very much relatable Too Young to Feel This Old (at a You Me At Six gig) had hamstrings on shoulders as Franceschi preached to the crowd on being sure to live life to the fullest and taking time to thank the fans no matter how many years they’ve been around ‘whether it be 1,2 or 8 years’ they appreciate every single following.

The encore was bound to end the night on the highest note possible and that is exactly what happened as the crowd took it upon themselves to create their own rendition of No One Does It Better, hitting every note and impressing the lads so much so that Franceschi allowed the fans to take the lead. The dedicated know the score by now. Night People concluded the night, showing that this five piece know exactly what it takes to continue to be top class after being around for so many years and they are bound to be around for so much more.  

I caught up with frontman; Josh Franceschi prior to their show and discussed what is next for the five piece. Listen to the full interview below:



Helen Rabbitt

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