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Live shows return after the Summer break


Jamie T @ Liverpool Olympia (17/11/16)

Well there ain’t no tricks around here, especially when our lad Jamie T is in town; rocks up, to the point, smashing set, kills it. There isn’t much else to say apart from if you weren’t there, you properly missed out.

But before I tell you exactly how this event went down, it just needs to be clarified what a great little venue the Olympia is; lovely staff, they don’t rip you off with £6 a pint, and you don’t feel like a tin of sardines – being my first time there it succeeded all my expectations. And not forgetting the smashing little pub across the road, a great little find and with £1.80 pints it’d be rude not to have a cheeky few beforehand – what an absolute bargain.

Photo Credit: TickX

Photo Credit: TickX

Now there’s no denying that Jamie T has been absolutely smashing it lately, we’re starting to see more of the Jamie that gave us the Gods with Panic Prevention echoing through his latest album Trick. For me, the night was filled with a lot of teen nostalgia, anxious because I hadn’t actually listened to much of his new album – and I could sense that it was the same for a lot of others in the room too. It was good to see such a huge crowd who had obviously been a fan from the start and Jamie did an excellent job in fulfilling everyone’s expectations with one of the most diverse sets I’ve witnessed.

It didn’t matter what song Jamie opened with to be honest because I think whatever he played, everyone would have gone mad for it and that is exactly what happened; opening with a song from his new album, Power Over Men he followed with Operation and then straight into Dragon Bones, also featuring on Trick – Dragon Bones was probably my favourite track from his new album, it’s upbeat, catchy, and very reminiscent of his previous creations Panic Prevention and Kings & Queens.

Photo Credit: Tom Adams

Photo Credit: Tom Adams

Then things got turned up about 100 notches as we were blessed with the mighty Salvador – one of the Gods given to us on Panic Prevention, and probably, if not –  THE God. What impressed me the most about the gig was the fact he played song, after song, after song, and still delivered an incredible show. Worship continued with The Prophet from Carry On The Grudge, Don’t You Find, Sheila, If You Got The Money (tune), 368, Sign of the Times – a slow and extremely emotional track from Trick, The Man’s Machine and then closing with none other than the classic feel good,  Sticks and Stones; cue best running man impression.

Obviously, there was an encore, even though it’s almost expected from every live performance these days, this crowd were certainly not going anywhere until they heard ‘one more song’; but luckily, we got two with Back In The Game and closing with Zombie. For a show intended on promoting his new album, the amount of songs he played from his previous albums was impressive; how on earth can you manage to fit in some of the best from four albums? It’s obscene and completely unheard of, but Jamie T did it, and he did it phenomenally.

The night, the atmosphere, the crowd, the band – everything was incredible; I’d never seen a gig where every single song was accompanied by a crowd singing their hearts out to every word, for everyone there it was a night worth remembering, for everyone who wasn’t there, I’m sorry you missed out.


Feature Photo Credit: Tom Adams

Alice Pearce

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