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Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost


I still remember the first time I was introduced to Amber Run’s music. Along with James Bay, they were the opening act for Kodaline and since then I have been an avid follower. I still listen to their debut album 5am on a regular basis and like many people I have been eagerly waiting to hear what was next. After a year of hiding and a band reshuffle Amber Run are back with For a Moment, I Was Lost.  A record which sees the new four-piece band tackle some of the biggest challenges life had thrown at them.

The new album sees the band go in a new direction. It differentiates from 5am with its stripped backed, bare nature of the songs. Whilst 5am was a collection of mainly upbeat, youthful songs For a Moment, I Was Lost tells a more honest story. There’s no painting over the truth with this album, it’s all set out for the listener to hear.

If there’s one song that captures this perfectly it’s Haze; an atmospheric, acapella like song which digs deep into the personal depths of the band’s writing. There’s something spellbinding about this song. In just 2 minutes you’ve been through everything from heart break to loneliness to the vacancy of being lost in the moment.

Whilst the band maintain their well known, lively sound through songs such as Insomnia and Perfect they contrast this beautifully with tracks such as Machine. Constantly asking the question ‘do you love me?’ the raw, heart-wrenching sound of this track is nothing less than beautiful.

It’s captivating how the lyrics of each song are effortlessly woven through the smooth guitar riffs, the steady drum beats and the solemn piano chords. Nothing is overbearing. It’s flawless. The frustration felt in No Answers contrasts to the more pained sound of Dark Bloom. Whilst Stranger acts as the light at the end of the tunnel, telling us that ‘sometimes you don’t get what you need, but sometimes loves comes easily’.

Amber Run should be proud of this album. There’s truth, beauty and power filling every corner of every song. For a Moment, I Was Lost tells the story of a group of friends struggling through some of the lowest moments in their lives, but eventually find a way out of the darkness.

The result? Amber Run’s best work yet.

For A Moment, I Was Lost is now available to stream, digitally purchase and physical copies available from Amber Run Official Store 

UK February Tour Dates and tickets available from See Tickets including Manchester Academy date.


Laura Copestake
Laura Copestake is a student at the University of Liverpool.


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