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Lower Than Atlantis – Safe in Sound

In early 2015, I was introduced to Lower Than Atlantis, the British rock band who I became so interested in because of their refreshing rock combined with pop lyrics. I was hooked to their exciting and lucid talent as a band. After making their mark with their debut self-titled album in 2014; Mike, Ben, Eddy and Declan have been progressing as an alt-rock band.

The newest album from the four piece is really worth the wait after a rough few years and something to get excited about for both previous and new fans. Safe in Sound is an album which embodies the journey and their strengths as a band, combining their well-formed blend of mature guitar riffs and young at heart lyrics.

The album starts off with a similar sounding vibe as their previous album from 2014, Hard Enough kicks off the album with upbeat, punk-rock instrumentals, similar to previous hit record Here We Go. Although Safe in Sound maintains a heady and eclectic sound, Boomerang updates the band with an injection of punk-pop.

Lower Than Atlantis are a band with a distinctive pop-rock sound, including heavy, thrilling guitar riffs accompanied by shrill vocals balance youth and maturity with magnetism. Prominent in this latest record, particularly in tracks I Would and Work For It. Work For It is considerably the biggest track of the album, a rock anthem and not to mention, extremely catchy. The youthful glow of the album is most present in the final tracks of the album with strongly pop-infused tracks, Money and the album’s final A Night To Forget which harks the regrets and mistakes of nights, a zeitgeist of 21st century youth.

Lower Than Atlantis also explore theatrical, emotional ballads, I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore being a harrowing track which combines violins, slow-beat drumming and a tear-jerking outpour from lead vocalist Duce.

The album as a whole is a collective masterpiece of the talents and strengths that Lower Than Atlantis have developed and delved into creatively, providing the feeling of a well-rounded and power album. Safe in Sound exhibits that the Watford four-piece have nailed the ability to mix maturity and youthful euphoria in their music.

Safe in Sound is now available to stream, digitally purchase and physical copies available from Lower Than Atlantis Official Store 

UK March Tour Dates and tickets available from See Tickets including Manchester and Leeds dates.

Molly Moe


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