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An Interview with Ollie Locke – 1/12/17

I got the chance to sit down with past Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke about his new gay dating app, Chappy, Ollie has been touring around Universities and talking to students about the app and he was kind enough to give me some of his time before starting the talk. 

What is Chappy?

What is Chappy? So Chappy is a gay dating app which is designed to kind of reaffirm and change the gay dating sphere into a more respectful, responsible and safer platform for gay men to find a partner

Why did you start Chappy?

Because I hated the idea that the only platform available was that of Grindr, Scruff, Hornet and stuff, it didn’t seem that safe, didn’t seem responsible, didn’t seem something that I would want my kids to be on one day, it’s something that I would be worried about, an 18-year-old that comes and moves to Liverpool, and the only thing they’ve got is a platform that actually doesn’t seem safe, you move to a big city and you only have Grindr and people can automatically send you explicit pictures.

So what is it that makes it different

Lots of things, you have to sign in through Facebook and you have to have at least 30 friends to do so, nothing gets posted on Facebook it’s just a verification system, you have to have your face in every photo it can’t just be a torso, which a lot of them are on other apps, we have 2000 moderators all around the world to check that your profile is being respectful and responsible, if you are racist, defamatory or anything like that we will take you off the app.

So tell us about the Chappy Tour

The Chappy tour has been an 11 day tour around Britain, basically sitting there between audiences of 1 person to 70 people, it doesn’t matter how big the audience is, if we are helping a university student with their sexuality, that’s why we’re here to talk to them

What have you learned on this tour?

Oh my god I’ve learned so much, every day when it comes to gay life, I think you learn more and more, you speak to people you never imagined you would you walk past them on the street, you don’t know them, they’re having struggle because their brother or father’s coming out or someone is transitioning and they don’t know what to do, there’s so much information that I get its fabulous

Why did you choose Liverpool?

Liverpool has got 96,000 LGBT people, it’s extraordinary, and it’s the biggest gay market in the whole of Britain apart from London, it’s bigger than Brighton, so we had to come to Liverpool, also I’m a massive Beatles fan

Finally, do you miss Made In Chelsea and would you ever return to the show?

No, I don’t miss it, I’m filming Celebs go dating at the moment which is really fun, me and Gemma Collins are doing it, and it is really fun, so I’m doing that at the moment, I’m too busy to do Made In Chelsea at the moment, I’m in my 30s, and they’re not, they’re all very young. I did it for 7 years, it’s a long time, also the show has changed a bit I feel and we were there from day 1 and we sat there and received the BAFTA, it’s just a different show now, it’s still brilliant but it’s just not the same, I used to love it so much, I still see some of them obviously Binky I see every day.

Thank you so much!

My pleasure

To listen to the full interview, click below.

Ellie Roffey


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