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Miles Goodall – Coffee House Session 24/04/18

On Tuesday, I had the chance to chat with the up-coming talented singer, Miles Goodall. From festivals to ‘Fantasy’, Miles was a pleasure to interview. After nine days of touring, Miles returned to his hometown of Liverpool towards the end of his eleven-day tour.

During his performance, Miles sang five songs including his new single ‘Better for Me’ and my personal favourite, ‘Fantasy’. He describes his music as ‘jazzy-bluesy-pop’ with his earlier tracks using elements of rock! The relaxed atmosphere in the Courtyard today matched perfectly with his current music; both soulful and mellow. His new single takes inspiration from how he ‘fell for someone’ and realised the feeling wasn’t mutual, putting these feelings into the emotional tune. It took him ‘half an hour’ to write, sparking from creating the melody in the shower!

We talked about his background in Liverpool and how he found growing up here. He said as he’s originally from Southport, he and his friends would get the train in and spend the day looking around Liverpool One or just walking around as ‘it’s a beautiful place to be’. He also said he has fond memories of Sefton Park as he used to play football there. It sounds like a very happy childhood! His parents were actually in the crowd and had got the train to Liverpool especially to see him perform which Miles was thrilled about!

I asked him what his favourite thing about Liverpool is and he said: “there are too many to choose from!” However, he did name “the people”, “the humour” and “the familiarity” as some of his favourite things about the city. “You can’t beat it”, he said!

We joked about what has been his favourite place on tour so far and of course, it’s Liverpool! Despite this, if he could travel to one place in the world, he said he would love to visit New York as it’s an “incredible city” and the music scene “is insane”.

As we talked, we found out that we both know people from my hometown of Bedford and laughed about mutual friends!

He told me he wrote his first song when he was nine years old, but ‘it was terrible’! He explained the song was called ‘Foggy Day’ and he recalled sounding like ‘Kermit the Frog’ when he sang it! However, if we don’t count the songs he wrote at this age, he said, looking back, he’s always sung from a young age and even revealed he was ‘kicked out of the school choir’ as he was a bad singer!

Miles comes from a very musical background, with his parents and their friends being musically gifted. He also said he’s ‘always had a piano in the house’ so it was inevitable that he’d become interested in music at some point!

He said his favourite thing about gigs is that “you’re playing to an audience who’s never seen you before and don’t have any idea who you are” so he can work out which songs work for them! His favourite gig was in Budapest where he supported a Hungarian band called ‘Margaret Island’. He felt so nervous but forced himself to ‘keep his eyes open!’

Miles confessed he really enjoyed the recording process, comparing it to ‘therapy’, thanking his producer for giving him constructive criticism so they can quickly create good music.

I asked him about the festivals he has played at before and what it was like to perform to so many people. He quickly responded, ‘it’s mad’ and encourages new singers to go to ‘The Great Escape festival‘ in Brighton if they want to gain more experience in the industry.

Miles takes most inspiration from artists such as Adele, Miles Davis, and Steely Dan and would love to collaborate with any of them if given the opportunity. He said he got the chance to talk to singers at some of the festivals he played at last year, including ‘Years and Years’ and ‘Aurora’!

He revealed he has ‘two new singles ready to go’ so I’m excited to hear those when they are released!

I asked him where he sees himself in five years and he said he hopes to be ‘playing in bigger venues with a full band’ and ‘working with a manager’ which he said ‘would be realistic’.

The self-confessed ‘talkative’ singer provided a truly hilarious interview. With his happy-go-lucky personality and incredible music, there is no doubt Miles will be hugely successful in his career.

You can find Miles’ music on SoundCloud and YouTube now!

Listen to the interview here:

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