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Peace – Soundcity Interview – 06/05/2018


I had the opportunity to Interview Harry Koisser of Peace before their set at Liverpool Sound City on the 6th May! We chatted about the new album, festivals, and even Snoop Dogg, he’s a lovely guy and Peace played an absolutely incredible set that night in Camp And Furnace for Sound City, make sure you take a read of what Harry had to say before it!

Hello, how have you enjoyed your time in Liverpool so far?                                              

H: Been here for about 15 minutes, but I’ve always enjoyed Liverpool, been trying to work out where I am

So this is the Baltic Triangle, so it’s industrial but they have just turned it all into clubs and venues, it’s probably one of the coolest places in Liverpool at the moment!

H: Yeah love it.

You are headlining sound city tonight which is pretty amazing, how are you feeling about it are you excited?

H: I think so, this is our second festival headline thing, it’s quite strange there’s a lot of songs to put in the set and expectations to live up to or not live up to but we should be fine I’m kind of not worried about it.

Do you enjoy playing festivals?

H: Yeah its always been our thing we are kind of a festivally band, I’ve got a hoodie in there *points to his suitcase* that says festival junkie on it I should get it out.

What’s the best thing about them for you?

H: I think it’s just because it’s familiar because I used to go to them.

Do you prefer it to playing normal gigs?

H: I prefer it to most things, I just like being at festivals, everyone’s just having fun in a good way.

Are there any other artists you’re excited about seeing? 

H: I wanted to see DMAs but they were a different day to us which is a shame because I haven’t seen them for a long time, and I wanted to see a band called Superorganism, are they playing here? 

Yeah, at Constellations just over the road!

H: I quite like that band, and I really like the fact that they did it all online didn’t they.

So your new album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll was just released on Friday, how has the response been to it so far?

H: Good! The only things I really see are on (Instagram), I recently got given the key to the Lamborghini which is on the Peace Instagram and they were like you run this sh*t now, you do whatever you want. I don’t think people really say mean things when it’s to your face, everyone’s been really nice about it, my mum likes it, some old school friends text me to say ‘hey I heard the new album it’s great, see you at Christmas’.

The new album has a much more mellow vibe to it than the previous two albums, what was the inspiration for this album and why did you go for this sort of sound?

We wrote it in the countryside, in the forest, in the national trust farmhouse which is pretty spooky which is probably why it’s a bit more mellow but I don’t know really, just variety is the spice of life, we’ve got so many full-on songs, we wanted to do something that would fit, it’s always about our live shows, we need stuff that fits in with the other stuff we can’t just have too much.

Are there any songs on the album that you favour?

H: There’s a song called Magnificent on there which I like, and I like the title track it’s like a Meatloaf song in 2 minutes, 2-minute Meatloaf.

Do you think you’ve changed as a band since the debut album In Love in 2013?

H: Yeah, you know what though, actually I was thinking about this earlier, we are probably now the most similar as people now as we probably were then, on our second album people were just wondering off in so many different directions, now it’s a lot more chill and I’m having a really good time, it just reminds me of when we first started touring which is cool. 

The last time you played sound city was in 2015, does it feel any different now than it did then?

H: This is the first time it’s been here, I really like this room, there was once this insane gig that we did in Texas in a room exactly like this, when I walked in I thought I was in there, the bill was Parquet Courts, us and Snoop Dogg it was so weird, and because Snoop Dogg was playing it, Beats by Dre, Dr Dre had loads of headphones and I have like 6 pairs, we had so many, and it reminds me of this room, so far the regression I’ve had emotionally from walking into this room has been really great.

What’s the best festival you have ever played?

H: The best festival we’ve ever played, has to be Liverpool Sound City this evening, the first Glastonbury festival we ever played was really good because I’ve never been to Glastonbury and it was like more of a myth, I’ve heard stories of peoples who’ve been there, so that was quite good, I don’t know, I like Reading Festival because I used to go to that when I was younger, every time I turn up there to play it I’m like damn I went to this festival like 6 times, it’s cool!

Are there any songs that get a particularly good reaction from a crowd when you play them?

H: What’s weird is that Lost on Me off our second album gets the best crowd response, it gets a really wild response every time

I think last time I saw you was Neighborhood festival in Manchester and the crowd went mental! Did you like Neighborhood?

H: Yeah that was a good crowd, yeah I like playing in the afternoon, yesterday we played Live at Leeds at like 3pm and it’s the same stuff, and there’s a window in the afternoon where everyone’s just started drinking you know, feeling pretty good, knows that there’s a good day ahead, wants to go out and have a good time and if you can fill that slot as a band, it’s kind of like a golden hour, no-ones really gripped those opportunities enough.

 That’s it from me thank you so much, good luck for tonight and I’ll see you there!

H: Yeah see you there, lovely to meet you!


Listen to the interview below:


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