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New Artist Spotlight: deafpony

Awash with influences from Indie and Emo-revival scenes across both sides of the Atlantic’s, let me tell you about a lovely little four-piece, self-described alt-pop group, from South London called ‘deafpony’. I chatted with the band’s guitarist, Mikey Tree, to discuss the band’s inception, correction, and current direction.

The band’s sound dances with emotive lyrics as well as a beautifully simplistic and intimate production style, making way for a tapestry woven from melodic guitar and bass parts. There is no complexity for the sake of complexity to be found here, just conscious and catchy song-craft; as at home in a dark dorm-room or on a bright festival stage.

Formed in late 2017 duing a drunken phone call from vocalist/rhythm guitarist Scott Clarke to brother, and lead-guitarist-drummer-duo, Mikey and Steven Tree, they then added their high school friend James Threadgill as the band’s bassist. They have also since rounded-off their live line-up with keyboard player and resident-producer George Berry. deafpony quickly set about placing their stake in their home city’s blossoming alternative scene, releasing the single ‘Big Small Town’ in September 2017 and following it up with their debut EP ‘Favourite’ in December of that year.

While in conversation with Mikey, I asked for any fun anecdotes or secrets about the band that the public may not know. He responded by telling me the origin of the band’s name; “we were originally going to steal it from the Brewdog beer “Dead Pony Club”, but there was already a punk band with that name on Facebook, so we started going by “Dead Pony”. One night, whilst not sober, I made a really terrible joke to Scott that we should be called ‘Deaf Pony’ because his parents are deaf and he can speak sign language, and for some reason that stuck, even if we subsequently stylised it into ‘deafpony’”. An origin story this writer can surely get behind, enjoying a Brewdog beer as I write this article.


The band’s latest single, entitled ‘Better Way’, was released just last week on Friday 26th October on all major music platforms. On this new release, Mikey explained how the track is “our first follow-up to those [2017] releases and features a more refined, polished sound.” Having been allowed an early preview of the track, I would be inclined to agree wholeheartedly. If you’re interested in the freshest face on the UK Alternative scene, or are simply looking for some great music to soundtrack your vibe-y, damp, autumnal mornings, look no further than ‘deafpony’.

For Fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, American Football, Moose Blood, itoldyouiwouldeatyou


Click here to check out deafpony on Spotify.


Will Baines


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