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This Week on the International Politics Hour: THE TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL

Technological Advancements: Alternative Present or Genuine Actuality?

This week (Wednesday 28th November), the International Politics Hour is bringing you an hour-long special between 12-1pm that highlights one of the most exciting yet simultaneously terrifying advancements of our lifetime – the rapid incline of technological furtherance in China.

Bradley will be exploring the dubious claims that a Chinese scientist has managed to create the world’s first genetically edited babies. Born only a few weeks ago, the twin girls are said to have had their DNA changed as embryos to stop them contracting HIV. We will be discussing the benefits and fears that this issue raises, and what it could bring for future generations.

Along the show’s theme of technology, the obvious topic of driverless cars has to be included. Faye will be discussing Automated Vehicles (AVs), and the future predictions of how they will be used in our societies within a few decades. The exploration of the impact on societal structures also will be included as mobility is considered to influence privacy, social control and city layouts. The probability of a transition to shared transport over privately owned will be calculated in contrasting terms of economics vs culture.

China has begun their extreme and globally controversial social ranking system, which uses surveillance to monitor the behaviour of citizens and rank them accordingly. In this Black Mirror reality, Molly will be covering the controversy that means Chinese citizens could find themselves being banned from flights and high-speed railways if they have a low social credit.

As ever, don’t forget to tweet us over at @LSRPolitics to join in the conversation – it’s going to be a very interesting week. Catch us on LSRadio at the usual time, Wednesday 12-1pm!

Molly Moe
Molly Moe, Danielle Carrington and Faye Ferris


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