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After yet another stern warning to rapidly reduce climate change from Sir David Attenborough, Molly will discuss the ways that governments fail the efforts to reduce climate change effects. We will look into whether international bodies should do more to focus less on trade and more on conserving the planet, in order to prevent leaders from having to much control over the environment, like the recently elected President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro , who has announced government plans to open up the Amazon rainforest for trade, and President Donald Trump who is  taking the United States out of the Paris Agreement.

In contrast to Molly’s discussion on the vital role of governments and politicians in tackling climate change, Faye will reveal what changes she as a student has made, due to environmental concerns, and whether she’s had any impact at all as an individual. Including veganism, which has had a rise of popularity especially amongst students, can the planet be saved? Or is it all a waste of time without major structural changes from the powers above?

By this point, we are sure most people have seen the ‘politically charged’ and subsequently banned Iceland Christmas advert. ‘No Palm Oil’ raises awareness of rapid deforestation and has yesterday been named as the ‘most powerful Christmas ad of 2018’ by Kantar Millward Brown. Danielle will be discussing the effects of palm oil and the bigger picture behind what the tale of Rang-tan the orphaned orangutan depicts.

Finally, we look further into reflecting upon our own lifestyles and exploring the environmental  effects of  fast fashion. In the last few years fashion has taken a rapid change in the last few years. With people today buying cheap readily-made clothes, only to throw them away a few months later. But how is this change affecting the environment, the climate, and the very people who make them? Bradley will be exploring the issue of ‘Fast Fashion’, in an attempt to try to convince you to change your very own shopping habits.

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Molly Moe
Molly Moe, Danielle Carrington and Faye Ferris


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