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Ten Tips to Survive Revision Week

This week marks a week of intense revision/procrastination for UoL students. Here’s how to survive.

1) Find a quiet space.

Whether you’ve gone home to revise or are staying in the land of the Liver Building, before you begin, make sure you’re in a place you’re comfortable and can spread out. Your bedroom is a great one, even your kitchen table. Just warn any flatmates that might try to pre-drink around you that you might slap them if they proceed with that.

2) Find a mellow soundtrack

2015-05-18 10.48.52If you can’t stand sitting in dead silence whilst trying to force information to remain in your skull, listen to something that’ll keep you calm. My recommendation is the score to your favourite film (mainly because I am not as tempted to sing along with instrumental music). Personally I find thrash metal puts me slightly on edge, but whatever floats your quote-memorising boat.


2015-05-18 10.39.49

Get to ASDA. Buy some of their coloured fineliners for just over a pound.  Colour code your notes. Draw flowers round them. Switch colours every time you get bored. Draw rainbows while reminiscing of your childhood. All of the above are efficient revision/procrastination techniques.

4) Eat well

2015-05-18 10.37.40

While it is tempting to eat three tubs of Phish Food on the trot (trust me, I’ve been there), eating healthily whilst trying to remember stuff is an age old trick. Avoid too many energy drinks unless you’re cramming in the early hours on exam day because you have done zilcho revision thus far. I am told superfoods like blueberries make a great snack. Although, I’m sure the occasional Kit-Kat doesn’t go amiss.

5) Sleep

Again, it is tempting to spend as much time as possible cramming our brains full of the words of wiser men, but after a while, if you don’t let your brain rest, your revision will become unproductive.  Invest in a good pillow and catch some Zs between your a2 + b2 = c2

6) Make a motivational poster.

2015-05-18 10.30.23

Listen to Jon Snow.

7) Hug

Whether your cuddle buddy is alive or stuffed, do it. You don’t have to admit this one to your friends, but in reality, hugs are dead good at relieving stress. Time to retrieve Mr Teddy from being crushed under your mattress, my friend.

8) Purchase DVDs of your set text starring David Tennant.


Heals all your revision maladies. He is a Doctor after all.

9) Prioritise


Realistically, you’re probably not going to be able to learn everything inside out in a week if you’ve only just started revising. Before you begin your revision, set out how you are going to tackle your mountain, or molehill, of notes. Think about what you know best, and what is definitely going to come up in your exam. Remember, you have time. No one is going to have memorised the entire syllabus. Hermione is at Hogwarts, not UoL.

10) Chill out.


My final advice, young padawan, is to relax. The force is strong with you, assuming you’ve attended at least half your scheduled lectures this semester, so just do whatever you can to be as productive as possible. Try not to stress and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Cecily Sheppard

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