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Tim Hunt reveals resignation reasoning

Following making seemingly sexist remarks about women in science, Sir Tim Hunt has spoken out about how he was forced to resign.

“I have been hung out to dry…I have been stripped of all the things I was doing in science. I have no further influence.”

Biologist Sir Tim Hunt spoke to the Observer exclusively to talk about the events after the remarks he made at a conference in Seoul were made public.

The remarks in question that caused so much uproar revolved around “the trouble with girls in science” and how they “cry” when put under criticism and “fall in love” with other lab workers.

Sir Tim Hunt, who won the 2001 Nobel Prize for his work regarding cell biology, worked at University College London until he was told he had to resign. He told the Observer that “At no point did they ask me for an explanation for what I said or to put it in context.

According to Hunt’s wife, she was informed of her husband’s forced resignation before he was.

Hunt has also been sacked from the European Research Council’s science committee and has since resigned himself from other positions because he says he is “toxic”.

Following the controversy, however, many female scientists have come out in support of Hunt. Though they do not approve his remarks, senior scientists have given assurances that Tim Hunt has successfully and enthusiastically nurtured young scientists of all genders. Dame Nancy Rothwell said “Many will testify to Tim’s great support and encouragement for younger scientists, both male and female. Indeed, he has trained and mentored some outstanding female scientists.

You can read Tim Hunt’s full interview with the Observer here: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jun/13/tim-hunt-hung-out-to-dry-interview-mary-collins?CMP=share_btn_tw.

Cecily Sheppard

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