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Dear Freshers, 

So it’s official: YOU’VE DONE IT!

By the fact you’re sitting reading this, I think it’s pretty safe for me to say that you’ve opened your results and are coming to the University of Liverpool in September. And so we at LSRadio want to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS  – we knew you could do it!

It’s now full steam ahead towards September, of course. You’ll be making sure you’ve got everything sorted for your uni adventure – duvet covers washed, more pots and pans than you’re ever going to use, and maybe a bottle opener – be prepared for social interaction when someone shouts “DOES ANYONE HAVE A BOTTLE OPENER?”  at the classic freshers’ pre-drinks.

As you’re nearing the time to come to uni, it’s quite natural for the nerves to kick in. But when you move into halls or elsewhere, the uni has a ton of Welcome Events set up to help you make heaps of new friends. Today marks the day when Welcome Week wristbands finally go on sale (yay)  – they’ll get you into pretty much any of the events the Guild is holding in the week before term starts. Check out LSRadio’s round up of Fresher’s Week here, or buy your fresher’s wristband here.

On the Thursday and Friday of Welcome Week, though, Mountford Hall in the Guild will also be hosting our Welcome Fair. Here you can come and grab loads of freebies (I haven’t actually needed to buy any pens all year) as well as browse all the societies you can join. From sports to comedy, politics to media, there’s bound to be a society for you! I can’t stress enough how much fun being part of a society is and how many more friends I’ve made this year because of it.

And of course, we at LSRadio will be at the Welcome Fairs so make sure you drop by and say hi! Over the past year, we’ve branched out considerably and there’s a ton of stuff for you to get involved with.

We’ll be looking for lots of new PRESENTERS – training will be given on how to use equipment etc. so don’t be put off if you’ve never done anything remotely radio before; I hadn’t either. Shows start as soon as the PROGRAMMING TEAM have got their heads together to organise a show schedule that suits everyone – from 10am to 10pm. It also definitely needs to be said that you don’t need to be loud and obnoxious to be great at radio. This is a MYTH that should be turned to dust; if you have something you love that you can talk about, you’re already most of the way there!

As well as our radio shows, we also have a growing online presence. If you’re interested in music journalism, you can get some great experience with the MUSIC TEAM. Within in this, we have the Gig Reviews section, where you can get into gigs for a handsome price of nothing (YES, FREE GIGS) and then write a few hundred words about your experience for the music blog. You can also be part of the Album Reviews section, where you get to listen to the freshest new music from around Merseyside and then write a few words on what you think. As a music team, we also work towards Sound City at the end of the year, where we can take to the streets to review and interview artists performing.

This year, we’re also re-vamping the NEWS TEAM. As part of this, we’ll be running our weekly news show so we’d really love some enthusiastic freshers who are happy to talk to other students about the goings on at UoL. In addition to this, we really really need some more writers. We need people to write about pretty much everything – politics, local news, fashion, entertainment – anything you want to write about, we’re super happy! Whether you’re interested in a career in journalism or simply want to have a play about with writing news, WE WANT YOU.

As part of the ARTS & CULTURE TEAM, you can write about anything within this field that interests you. Our Head of Arts & Culture is working hard to build links to get free tickets to events to review, but you can also review new films and TV shows. If you’re a foodie like me then grab your new friends and go and taste some of what Liverpool has to offer in the eatery department, then write a few words about it. We’re particularly keen to exploit the amazing multicultural identity of Liverpool and aim to get as many writers as possible in on the many international food and music festivals that go on in the city throughout the year.

Running hand in hand with the News, Music and Arts & Culture teams, we also have our fabulous INTERVIEWS TEAM. Our head and deputy head of interviews are keen to branch out from music interviews this year, and as part of this I know they’re definitely planning on talking to some local politicians as well as some curators of art exhibitions.  The interviews then either get transcribed and put on the relevant blog, or uploaded to our SoundCloud. Whatever area of interviewing you’re interested in, we can get you started or enhance any experience you might already have.

The MARKETING TEAM then promotes your shows and articles to get everyone around uni reading and listening. Social media really is the student radio station’s best friend.

Of course, LSRadio wouldn’t be LSRadio without it’s socials! Have no fear, our EVENTS TEAM are on hand to bring the beer pong, skittles vodka, and pretty much anything you can imagine to your time with LSRadio. Socials are a great way for us to all gel as a team as well as huge amounts of fun!

The most important thing to remember is that once you join LSRadio, you’re not just limited to one team. We’re one massive, happy radio family and you can be involved with as much or as little as you want.

Please do have a click around on our website to get an idea of what LSRadio is all about and how you can become involved! You can find all of the committee’s emails here, so please don’t hesitate to email us/add us on Facebook if you have any queries.

We (and possibly some cake) look forward to seeing you in September at freshers and hope you have a smooth transition into uni life. Here’s to a fab new academic year!

Cecily Sheppard

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