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Live shows return after the Christmas break


£6 a pint Oktoberfest pledge to lower prices

A two-pint stein would set you back £11.50

The average Scouse pint costs only £2.66, so unsurprisingly the event at Exchange Flags in the city centre was slated for having ‘London prices’ with attendees taking to social media to warn others of the extortionate prices and lacklustre food.


Steins weren’t the only drinks on offer, however.  Oktoberfest charged £20 for a bottle of wine, £8.50 for a Mass (a pint and a half) or £3 for a half.

Entry was free on Wednesday, £5 on Thursday, Friday and Sunday and £10 for two Saturday sessions.

And if you got peckish — you’re looking at sausages with fries, a pretzel, sauerkraut or salad for £8.50 or schnitzels with sauerkraut and stampf potatoes at £1o.

Organisers say the event, which has toured the UK for five years, will return to Liverpool in 2016.

Elinor Rice
Second year Communications student. Head of News.

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