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Tony Robinson at the Liverpool Literary Festival

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the kings horses and all the kings men,

Couldn’t put Humpty together again”



I’ve been a fan of Tony Robinson ever since I was old enough to watch Blackadder with my dad and explore the hidden world of England with Time Team, so when an opportunity to see him talk at my very University came along, I had to take it.

Liverpool Strikes Could Continue as UCU Reject Pensions Deal

The Guild has confirmed on Twitter that there is likely to be a further fourteen days of industrial action on campus.

Listen Again: SO Election Results Special

We’re really sorry that our live video coverage of this year’s SO Election Results wasn’t quite up to our usual standards.

Candidate Interviews – Student Officer Elections 2018

Spring is just about sweeping its way across Liverpool, and with similar perennial enthusiasm, this year’s Student Officer candidates are painting the campus every shade of the rainbow with the reasons they should be one of our next Guild officer team this year.

Student Officer Elections 2018- Who’s Been Voting So Far?

Election week is well underway, and as of the end of Tuesday evening around 8.28% of the student body have cast their vote.

EXIT POLL – The Student Officer Elections Broadcast 2018

Student Officer Election fever is here across Liverpool’s student unions: that’s Liverpool Guild of Students, Liverpool Students’ Union, and Liverpool Hope Students’ Union.

Freezing Temperatures Dominate Merseyside for the Next Week- and Homeless People Suffer

This week, a late-arriving Polar Vortex is set to make temperatures drop, worsening over the duration of the week.

LSRadio Turns 20: Looking Back on Our Long and Storied History

Celebrating 20 Years of Proper Sound: From XSLive to LSRadio!

Student Officer Candidates 2018 Revealed, Plus Halls Naming Preferendum

Today the Guild announced 15 prospective student officers looking for your votes.

University Students Petition For Strike Action Compensation

A petition to Professor Dame Janet Beer, the University of Liverpool Vice Chancellor, has been published on the website Change.org, in which just under 1000 students at the university are petitioning for tuition fee compensation “for the loss of 14 days of our education”.